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Exelarm for construction sites

Exelarm’s wireless technology
saves you $$$$

Rapid installation
Minimal maintenance
Nursecall & site security from one base station
Portability - take the Exelarm to your next site

Exelarm construction video (please wait to load)


Exelarm System

Have you worked on any 
of these Exelarm sites?

Amortise your costs by taking the wireless Exelarm system from site to site. Ruggedly constructed and quick to power down and relocate, you won’t need to purchase a new system for your next project.

5 essential needs on a construction site

  • Nursecall
    Wireless Nursecall stations which can
    be repositioned as your site grows.
  • Security
    Back-to-base monitored security for tool boxes, containers and site sheds.
  • Paging
    To first aider and then later as the
    project nears completion to security guards at fit-out stage.
  • Evacuation
    Air raid quality Evacuation Siren - both wireless and hardwire systems.
  • Radios
     Two way UHF - HYT radios.