Kwikpage for shopping centres

Kwikpage is currently in use at
The Strand, the Harbourside Shopping Centre, the QVB,
and The Galeries Victoria.


Exelarm shopping center video (please wait to load)

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System Schematic


Instant Messaging & Paging - Duress Call
 - Security - Equipment Monitoring

Kwikpage is a unique Wireless Messaging & Paging system designed to immediately alert
pre-designated recipients when events occur.

Kwikpage can alert a respondent within 2 seconds of an event occurrence. Conventional systems may take up to 30 minutes.

Kwikpage is an independent, site-specific wireless system engineered for your operation.
It is not dependent on the telephone network,
nor upon control room staff in off-site monitoring centres to relay messages.

Kwikpage can supervise and report on the status of a range of wireless sensors such as: Portable Duress Buttons, Passive Infrared Motion Detectors Door/Window Sensors, Fire Detectors, Smoke Detectors, Plant Room Equipment.



  • Shopping Centre Duress
    Call/Messaging & Paging/Security.
  • Automated Paging of equipment status – for example Freezers, Plant Rooms, and Air Conditioning Units.
  • Exclusive Housing Estates with ‘In
    House’ security staff.
  • First Aid Call on Large Industrial Sites
    and Construction Sites.
  • Nursing Home/Hospital – Patient to Staff, Staff to Staff.
  • Club/Hotel/Motel – Reception to Staff, Staff to Staff.